Commercial Roofing

Choosing your new roof is an individual decision where the pros and cons of each type can vary depending on your needs. This could include things such as location, climate, surrounding trees, sun exposure, maintenance requirement and budget. Each component of your roof system plays a major role for life span of the roof. Most manufacturers will not warranty their products if the attic is not properly vented, proper venting not only saves you money in heating and cooling bills, it also plays a major role in prolonging the life of you roof. With our experience in the roofing industry we can provide a deep knowledge and education on understanding that a roof is more than shingles and we consider all components to provide the best system.


EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is a thermoset single ply roofing membrane. While being lightweight this single ply system has excellent resistance to sunlight, moisture, and durability of all types of weather and temperature ranges. EPDM can be applied in different application weather its ballasted, fully adhered or mechanically fastened and it can be installed on virtually any roof surface (flat, spherical, curved or slanted). This system can be used over a variety of decking and insulation types. Installation does not require flame.


ETPO (Thermoplastic Roofing) roofing has great physical properties such as heat aging, cold temperature flexibility, puncture resistance, tear strength providing you with a long-lasting roof system. TPO membranes are also resistant to degradation from exposure to animal fats, some hydrocarbon and vegetable oils, also can be resistant to microbial attack and will not support the growth of micro-microorganisms. These membranes are considered a very “Cool” roof making it energy efficient for the building it is protecting.

Torch – ON

Premier Exterior Solutions. provides flat roofing systems that generally consist of multiple layers of roofing material laid down in a series of plies that are torched down and heat welded using a hand held torch hooked up to a propane tank. This material is known as Modified Bitumen Membrane (Mod-Bit).

The membrane consists of a fibreglass reinforcing material that is placed between layers of rubberized asphalt then top coated with small ceramic stones that reflect heat, UV rays and protects from the elements.

The advantage of this type of flat roofing is its durability, clean appearance, availability of multiple colors, light weight design which is easy on structures, easily repairable and weather-resistant for the Canadian climate.

These membranes have been available for over 25 years and have evolved from a single ply application to the more commonly used two-ply system today. Prior to that, most flat roofing was done using a built-up tar and gravel roofing system which was a lot heavier on the structure, made repairs and servicing expensive, was more labor intensive and required costly commercial equipment.

This type of roofing is more commonly used in industrial applications, and the torched on membrane system is normally used in residential and commercial roofing. Torch On Roofing can be installed on decks as a base layer, in hidden gutters to replace rubber gutters, on suspended concrete slabs for water proofing, and on flat roofs. Torch On Roofing can be installed in a 1 ply system, and a 2 ply system. Premier Exterior Solutions can create a tapered slope package for your flat roof, diverting all water away from low spots due to settling and into the proper drainage area.

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